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Skyrocketing Cost Of Living for Vermonters

Common Sense & Balance in the Legislature

Vermonters are pushed to the limits on providing basic needs to their families. Daily expenses are out of control.

  • General Inflation is up over 8%

  • Groceries are up over 13%

  • Property taxes are up almost 5% in Williston

  • Gasoline prices are over $2 per gallon more than they were 18 months ago ($.05 VT tax increase added on July 1)

  • Green Mountain Health Care Board just approved insurance rate hikes of over 12% for private health insurers and approved across the board price hikes for Vermont hospitals

  • This winter’s heating bills are forecasted to be at historical highs.

  • Vermonters currently pay the 10th highest electric rate of the 50 states, despite our electricity source being almost entirely Carbon Free and/or Renewable.

  • Vermonters Tax Burden is the 4th highest in the USA

  • Vermont’s Economic Outlook rating is 47th lowest of all states

  • Vermont State Debt is $4.6 Billion

  • Vermont State Debt per citizen is $7000

And in the midst of this madness, our current progressive legislature:

  • Attempted to Pass a CARBON TAX that would ultimately flow higher prices to low and middle class Vermonters trying to heat their homes and drive to work!

  • Then failed by ONE SINGLE VOTE in overriding the Governor Veto of this CARBON TAX despite Vermont having the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of all 50 US States!

  • And is entertaining expanding Vermont Sales tax to FOOD and SERVICES!

This makes zero sense when struggling Vermont households are trying to afford the basics for their families. Fiscal Responsibility and Awareness of the real issues facing average Vermonters ARE my CALLs TO ACTION. It is not time to spend more and tax more.

Government easily “forgets” whose money it is actually spending.

To that point, I had a recent conversation with an incumbent legislator (for clarity, not one of our Williston Representatives). This lawmaker told me one of the things he/she learned early and was told clearly: NEVER VOTE AGAINST THE BUDGET!!! That sort of thinking has got to go!

Legislative Imbalance

Today’s imbalance in the General Assembly almost always allows a reversal of the Governor’s check and balance mechanism to veto laws. The Governor’s veto power as a check & balance is critical to the responsible operation of our legislative functions in responding to slanted or troubling legislation. We need common sense to set priorities and assure the focus on the true needs of Vermonters, not whatever the hot political topic of the day is.

Current Vermont General Assembly

SENATE: 21 Democrats, 2 Progressives, and 7 Republicans

HOUSE: 93 Democrats, 7 Progressives, 5 Independents, and 45 Republicans

Open discussion and contrary opinions are key to good solutions.

Whether it’s reforming Act 250 to enable economic growth and affordable housing, providing public safety at schools and on our streets, supporting our first responders and Veterans, controlling health care cost, advocating for responsible environmental actions, or fighting the mental health and addiction crises in Vermont, Vermont has always found a way to common sense answers – until now! The current legislative imbalance is driving progressive and liberal agendas with little to no responsiveness to contrary and logical voices – this situation is NOT sustainable for the best interest for VERMONT!

Why Vote for Bruce Roy

I have a unique combination of experiences, organizationally, fiscally, and culturally. I am used to making critical, complex decisions with significant impact. I believe in study, preparation AND FACTS!

I am not afraid to voice my opinions. I will not be hesitant to vote against the herd whether it’s the majority or my party if I don’t think the policy or legislation are in the best interest of my constituents. By not accepting endorsements or donations from PACs, I positioned myself for complete accountability and transparency to my constituents, not pressured by self interest groups, directly or indirectly.

Good old Vermont common sense & a practical sharing of views will be my strategy to resolve Vermont’s most pressing issues!


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