Bruce Roy

for Vermont House

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Beautiful sunset & fall colors over our landmark, Williston Federated Church steeple at the intersection of Williston Road & N. Williston Road during our flag & sign wave, Sept. 27, 2022

Bruce Roy of Williston is running as a Republican for the Vermont house seat vacated by the retirement of Jim McCullough.

Bruce had a great Primary Day getting more than 3x the WRITE IN votes needed to be on the November 8 General Election ballot. Thanks for all the support to voters who made the extra effort to write Bruce in!


Vermont Life is About Balance & Common Sense!

Bruce had a great interview Sept. 30, and enjoyed his time on WVMT, The Morning Drive, check it out here!

Primary Day - August 9, 2022

Vermont National Guard Williston Armory

Still smiling after 12 hours at the polls! We, along with Tony O'Rourke, were the only candidates to be there all day to greet & interact with the Williston voters. It was well worth our time!

Here's Tony & Bruce sharing an interview on "Generally Irritable with Ericka Redic"

Candidate to Represent Williston
(District Chittenden-2)
In the Vermont House of Representatives

Click on the map to see the official district map from the Vermont Legislature.

My Reasons for Running for the Vermont House of Representatives

  • Balanced and Common Sense Legislation

  • Vermont's Rising Cost of Living

  • Personal Freedoms and Local Opportunities

  • Health, Safety and Financial Security

  • Voter Confidence

I will not be accepting monetary contributions to my campaign from any Political Action Committees (PACs) . I welcome support from individuals and local businesses and groups. I will be accountable only to my constituents.

Contributions can be made to:


P.O. Box 184, Williston, VT 05495-0184